Beauty Everywhere

5 Jan

The first hospital visit (you can read about that here) took a while, well ok, both visits did but I heard something that made me smile, and feel like juuuust maybe there is hope for the human race.

In the “room” next to me (basically three walls and a curtain lol) was an old Chinese couple. The lady didn’t say much of anything but the husband spoke quite a lot, it could have been because of the dialect but when he spoke he sounded harsh and just not comforting and I kept thinking how I wish he’d shut up because I’m in enough misery as is and how much worse must it be for the lady stuck in the same space as him?

Well, at one point, when their son had left for a bit and there were no medical staff in with them the husband started to sing to his injured wife. Softly, and not well, lol, but gently. I don’t know what he was saying (language barrier!) but it wasn’t the words that mattered so much as the tone behind them. That song, being sung by that man to his hurt wife sounded of love. You could hear in his voice the affection he has for her, you could hear that he was upset she was hurt, you could hear the love.

For those couple of minutes she seemed soothed. For those couple of minutes I felt soothed.

That song, the emotion he obviously felt while singing that song made it clear that language barriers can be overcome by strong emotions and that you can find beauty anywhere you look if only you take the time to pay attention to your surroundings.

I’ve never dated someone that would have been willing to sing to me in public to help me feel better but listening to that old man do that for his wife gave me hope that maybe someday I will.

old couple


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