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Canada Post vs UPS

28 Nov

I know, I know, we are all cranky with Canada Post because they are on strike during the holiday season throwing all our parcel delivery dates out the window. But ya know what? Even though we, the consumer, are cranky, and the Canada Post employees are having a crappy time right now, their customer service is still amazing.

When I was out yesterday I got a phone call, I couldn’t answer because I was driving and I sorta forgot about it. Once I got home and was chilling I checked and it turned out I had a voicemail. I was expecting it to be a scam call because there had been no caller ID but instead it was my mail carrier, from Canada Post.

She left me a voicemail saying she had a parcel for me she didn’t want to leave at the door and was wondering if I would be home at some point today so she could bring it back to me.


The shock is real.

Can you believe that? I sure couldn’t!

I called her back, left a rambling voicemail about how I was home now but what time I was leaving and how I did have a parcel waiting for me when I got home so maybe she ran in to my land lord and gave it to him, or maybe there is a second one, I’m not sure, and then I left my number, thanked her I don’t know how many times, and hung up. It was quite possibly the most ridiculous voicemail I have ever left a person. *rolls eyes*

She texted back, probably grateful she didn’t have to actually talk to the crazy person, saying the parcel I had was the one she was talking about, she did in fact run in to my land lord as he was coming home so she left it with him.

This, is in contrast to when I was coming around the corner of the house last week and the UPS guy was delivering a box that had the word “Fragile” written on every side of the box in massive font and he literally dropped the box on to cement steps. And I don’t mean dropped from a short distance so it is no big deal, I mean from standing height he threw it down, the box made a huge thud noise when it hit. Pretty sure he wasn’t expecting someone to appear from around the corner and catch him being a jerk. Tsk Tsk UPS.

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about why Canada Post is striking, and I definitely made some of the jokes about how they always strike leading up to Christmas, and I also whined about parcels being late because of the rotating closures, but with customer service like that I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut because those mail carriers are doing a physically demanding job, that allows me to be lazy and shop from home vs going in to stores, and if they feel they need to strike to get fair treatment than who am I to judge? Plus, my mail carrier is awesome and I want her happy!


The all important parcel!

FitBit Love

7 Feb

I have had a FitBit on my wrist for about 4 years now and I love it just as much now as I did when I first strapped one on. Maybe even more now, since I have a newer, snazzier, version than the one I started out with.

My first FitBit was a Flex, the one that is semi-water proof and the display shows 5 dots. The dots light up when you tap the FitBit to show you how many steps you have taken that day. I had my step goal set at 10,000 steps per day so each dot represented 2,000 steps. While it was good, all tech has it’s flaws. It could go in to sleep mode if you were pushing a grocery cart across a parking lot (from the bumps I guess), it often thought my chopping vegetables was me stepping (it was amazing how many more “steps” I got on days I did veggie prep! lol), and well, it only gave me limited information. For detailed info about how I was doing that day I had to sign in to my app, which yes ok, not like that is a big deal or even hard to do, but c’mon, I’m lazy, which ironically enough, is why I invested in a FitBit in the first place lol

That first FitBit, I had epic plans for it. I bought it a short time before I was going on vacation, what was going to be a very active vacation, and I couldn’t wait to see how many steps I could rack up while in Northern Wales. Well yeah, that didn’t work, because it broke after I had it for a month or so? I was so upset! I contacted FitBit to let them know it broke, actually I think I contacted them to ask what I could do to fix it, and by default let them know it broke. They gave me some things to try, that didn’t work, and then they did something awesome…they sent me a brand new FitBit Flex for free!

Talk about amazing customer service! πŸ˜€

I didn’t get the replacement FitBit in time for my vacation, but hey, whatcha gonna do? *shrug*

Once I returned from my trip my new FitBit Flex and I became inseparable. Literally. The only times I took it off were when I showered and when it had to charge. I even covered it in saran wrap and wore it when taking part in a muddy obstacle course and more importantly, when dragon boating. Well, to be fair, I only covered it in saran wrap when dragon boating if it was pouring rain, on non-rainy days I just made sure to wear it on the arm that didn’t get submerged into the water with every stroke of my paddle. Splashing I knew it could handle!

Two Christmases ago I took the Flex out of it’s wrist band and tucked it in my clothes, in what I thought was a secure spot, because I was going to my work Christmas party and the band was not what one would call fancy looking. I absolutely couldn’t wear it with my dress, so into my cleavage it went. Don’t judge, I’ve done it before and it worked great! That particular time it didn’t work out all that well and somewhere during the night I lost it. Sadness. 😦 I tried calling the party venue, left them multiple messages, describing what it looked like, but nobody ever called me back so I’m assuming they either (1) didn’t listen to their messages, (2) didn’t care, (3) didn’t find it and didn’t care if they told me that or not. Which fair enough, why should they care that I was stupid and lost my FitBit and was now frantically hoping beyond all hope it would magically re-appear in to my life.

I was so upset I posted to social media about having lost it and someone I have never met, who lives on the other side of the country, said they had just upgraded their FitBit and no longer needed their Flex and get this, they sent me their Flex for free! With the band and charger and dongle!

People can be amazing sometimes. Absolutely amazing. πŸ˜€

When it arrived in the mail I was so incredibly grateful that I immediately sent them a Thank You card with a gift card inside. I mean wow, who does things like that not just in general but for someone they never met? Blows your mind a little doesn’t it?

Then another amazing thing happened, for Christmas that year I received a FitBit Alta as a gift from my parents. I had been wanting to upgrade but couldn’t justify or afford the cost and they knew this, so being the awesome parents that they are, that is what they bought me.

So now I had my replacement Flex and a new Alta. For a while I thought I would wear the Alta most of the time but swap out to the Flex when dragon boating but that didn’t really pan out. Instead the Alta and I became best friends and inseparable and now it only comes off my wrist when I am showering or charging it.

Then a crisis!

This happened…

fitbit flex

The strap broke! NoooOOOooo!

I wasn’t even doing anything interesting when it broke, the silicone part just came off of the clip part that attaches to the actual tech part of the FitBit Alta.

Travesty! The horrors! What was I to do??

Well I’ll tell ya what I did, I went searching for my crazy glue hoping I could fix it only to find my crazy glue had become a solid mass, I mean what, did it glue itself to itself? So then I started tucking the tech part in to my sock / boot / waist band / pocket (depending on what I was wearing) because I couldn’t be without it but I didn’t know how best to carry it around. I was constantly worrying it would fall out and I wouldn’t notice and then I’d not only not have a wrist band for it but I wouldn’t have the Alta at all! *cue the dramatic music*

Being the broke person that I am I chose to order a knock-off band from eBay instead of forking over $40 for a real replacement from FitBit and boy did I regret that. It didn’t fit as well, it was different material and not as comfortable, it was starting to give me a rash, just not good things.

So I did what I did last time I had a problem, I emailed FitBit and told them what happened. I didn’t ask them for a new band, I was past warranty and didn’t think that was right. But I did tell them the circumstances under which the band broke, and how it wasn’t fixable, and now I was wearing it tucked in my boot, and maybe they should look in to the problem because if this is a product flaw they may want to address it.

I got a very polite response asking me for some more information, which I provided, and then I got an even better email from them saying I was past warranty but sometimes rules are meant to be broken and they were going to send me a replacement band anyways!

This! This is why I love this company and will keep buying their products! Well, this and the fact that I love their products lol

Not only did they send me a replacement band they sent me the newer version of the band, so instead of a clip type closure it is a, umm, I don’t know what the type of closure is called, it is like a belt or a watch closure…here lemme put a picture in to show you what I mean…

fitbit band

See what I mean? My closure is like that, only my band is black, like I’d ever buy it in baby pink. πŸ˜›Β  lol

Now, my Alta and I are back to being inseparable…on my wrist, not in my boot! πŸ™‚

Here is a link to the FitBit Alta that I have on Amazon…in case you are interested in getting one yourself!



My Missing Books

1 Jun

Oh geez. I have not had the best luck with online shopping lately, which surprises me because I prefer to shop online and usually it goes smoothly. But alas, I suppose I was due for some bad luck with online shopping, keeping the scales balanced an all that.

I ordered a book from Chapters online, it is for my dad as a super late birthday present and I ended up buying a book for myself because as the online checkout pointed out I only had to spend $8 more to get free shipping and hey, isn’t spending $15 more and getting a book a better deal than spending that money on shipping? πŸ˜‰ Gotta love a book lovers logic!

So yeah, I ordered the books, knew they were due at my place around the end of the month and impatiently waited the delivery. I got home Monday and saw the cardboard box that is what Chapter’s books always come in but the entire box was inside a plastic bag from Canada Post.

It looked like this…

2016-05-30 17.06.51

Now, the writing on the Canada Post plastic bag mentioned my package was found damaged in the mail system…it wasn’t damaged, it was empty! The books were gone! The box was in perfect condition, except for the whole nothing-inside-the-box issue. I was momentarily rendered speechless, I mean c’mon, I went from excitement that the books had arrived to shock that the box was empty to freaking out about where the hell the books were.

I called Canada Post and got left waiting since they were experiencing “higher than normal call volumes”, a claim I never ever believe lol The automated system eventually prompted me through a bunch of menus and one of them was selecting an option for a damaged parcel. As soon as I selected that option the automated voice informed me that only the sender can open a claim if a parcel is damaged, sigh. Instead of waiting for a person who would most likely tell me the same thing as the machine I hung up and called Chapters and got the most helpful person! πŸ™‚

Apparently because the parcels they mail go out in bulk some of the boxes sometimes end up getting opened because the glue isn’t quite dried and the boxes rub against each other and that ends up opening the seal.

All I did was explain I got the parcel but it was empty and boom! She made a duplicate order and sent out the same two books at rush delivery, no cost to me. Yay! In case you were wondering I did have the option to get a refund but why would I do that when I still wanted the books? lol Oh, and in true Canadian fashion the lady who helped me apologized multiple times even though it wasn’t her fault – customer service skills people! πŸ™‚

The problem was solved so quickly it barely caused me any stress but I do feel badly for the two lost books. Out there, alone, exposed to who knows what kind of elements, its sad and I hope the books find a good owner who takes good care of them. Which yes, I know, makes me sound crazy but hey, no judging! I take excellent care of my books and for all I know those two books are in the care of someone who is folding down the pages, or bending the covers, or letting them get wet! *fans face* I have to stop thinking of the horrible possibilities lest I faint! πŸ˜‰


My Coach Experience

24 May

Oh boy, talk about an online shopping experience taking up way too much of my time and energy *rolls eyes*

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?…you might want to get a fresh cup of tea for this…

I saw an item that I wanted to get for my friend for her birthday, it is from Coach and was only available on the website so I decided screw the horrible exchange rate, I’m buying it. Now, I am weak and saw a bracelet I loved and on a whim decided to tack that on to the order also. The website wouldn’t accept my delivery address postal code for some reason so I called in, explained I was having issues with the website, and asked if I could place the order over the phone. The lady said yup.

That has got to be one of the worst customer service phone calls I have ever had…

She kept yawning while talking, and muttering about her computer not working so she’ll just leave a note for someone about that, she took forever, at one point she did something that wiped all the information she’d already put in so we had to start over. I don’t know if she is new or Coach just has horrible training for their call centre employees or what but eesh! Then she tells me the bracelet I want is out of stock, but it is clearly showing on the website as being available. I asked if it was possible the one the website was showing was in my “shopping basket” was the last one and should I close the tab so it cancels the online order I had been trying to place to free it up and she said I could try, so I did, and after she did something on her end she said she had the bracelet on my order. So okay, it took forever, she was horrible at her job, but I got both items ordered, had to pay through the nose for shipping, was told I would have the items in 3-5 business days and voila, shopping done!

I was told I couldn’t get the tracking number yet because it isn’t generated by the system until the items are removed from the warehouse but if I want to call back the next day I can get the tracking number then. Seems fair.

I called the next day, explained I was just wanting the tracking number, the lady I spoke with (different lady than the original call) pulled up my order and said it was showing as “pending” and she had no idea why it wasn’t processed yet and I had to call back during regular business hours because there is nobody there in the evenings who can check on that for me.

Annoying, and concerning, why is it pending? She has noooooo idea, and didn’t really seem to care, so fine whatever, I’ll call back tomorrow.

I call back the next day and get my first nice Coach customer service person! I told her the order was showing as pending and I was wondering what was wrong with it blah blah blah, she pulls it up, says it has processed through and there is a tracking number now. She doesn’t know why it took longer than normal to process but it is on its way. Yay!

I wait about a week and go online to check the tracking (it is with DHL) because the package hasn’t shown up yet and I’m wondering where it is.

DHL shows there is a problem with the delivery address and they have been trying to reach me and are now waiting for the customer to contact them.

What the hell? Nobody tried to reach me! And what address problem? So I call DHL to find out what is wrong and they said (1) the delivery address doesn’t exist and (2) the phone number they had for me didn’t work. So we compared information and it turns out Miss. Yawning While Working wrote down the delivery address wrong, the building number is 3633 and she wrote 3622…which is not a place. Then for the phone number, the last digit in my phone number is a 7 and she put it down as an 8. Grr. So DHL had been sitting on my package for daaaaaays because of this and were at the stage where they were about to send it back to Coach. They couldn’t ship it to the correct address without Coach filing some paperwork confirming the proper address so the DHL lady suggested I come pick it up because it would be the fastest solution. Annoying, but fine. They agreed to move the package to a DHL location near me and told me that would take 24-48 hours and I should call back to confirm it had arrived at the new location in 2 days.

As soon as I was off the phone with DHL I called Coach and complained. I actually got a second nice person, she kept putting “Miss” in front of my first name and she had a slight accent and I decided I liked her lol She took a look at the order, listened to me bitch, stayed calm and handled things well. I pointed out I had to pay $26 American for shipping, which turned in to way more in Canadian dollars and they were waaaay past the 5 business days the package was supposed to take, all because Miss Yawning While Working was incapable of inputting simple numbers accurately. She agreed it was not acceptable and refunded me my shipping charges which I thought was fair.

48 business hours later I call DHL and my package is where it should be so I go pick it up. Finally! After 2 weeks of dealing with Coach and wondering where my over priced items are I finally have them!

Well, jokes on me! I opened the shipping box and inside are two very nicely wrapped boxes, the one with the bracelet looked like this…

Cute right? I opened it and there was this little sticker on the tissue and the bracelet itself was in a dust bag…

Then…then I opened the dust bag…and that is when the pictures stopped because they sent me the wrong freakin thing!

The bracelet comes in black or brown, I ordered black, Miss. Yawing While Working sent me brown.

This woman really needs a new job…

It may not seem like a big deal but the brown one was ugly, ugh, I wouldn’t wear that in a million years.

So once again I call Coach, I get a lady not as bad as some of the others I have spoken to but someone who definitely didn’t care about customer service, or not sounding bored out of her skull, and she said best she could do was put one on hold at a location that is semi-near me and I could go exchange them. At this point I was so done with having to deal with the call centre that I said yes.

The next day I go traipsing to the store, walk in mentally preparing for battle, and meet the two nicest people ever. There were two sales people near the door when I walked in, I explained I was there to swap a bracelet and they instantly knew who I was, called me by name, offered me water, one stayed with me to chat while the other went to get the right bracelet. They both apologized for what I had to go through with the call centre, they had nothing to do with it and yet they apologized! They printed me out a receipt for the bracelet showing Canadian dollars so if I have to bring it back I have a store receipt which will make it easier. Then the lady corrected all the address and phone number mistakes in their computer system because with all the phone calls I made to Coach’s call centre, and all the times I explained to different people there the situation, and all the different call centre reps that looked at my order, not one of them bothered to correct the shipping address information or correct the last digit of my phone number. Nice huh?

The lady at the store also told me that if there is ever an item I want on the website that isn’t in the store to tell her and she can order it in to the store, saving me from (1) dealing with that horrible call centre again (2) saving me from paying duty and (3) saving me from paying shipping. Niccccce! πŸ™‚

Overall I am not impressed with Coach. Considering how much they charge for their items and the fact that they market themselves as a luxury goods provider, you’d think they’d have people working in the call centre that provided a higher level of customer service, and a consistent level of customer service! I called them 5 or 6 times and of those 5 or 6 times only 1 of those people was actually friendly and nice and pleasant to deal with, there was 1 other person who wasn’t bad but wasn’t amazing, just average, which is fine, and the rest of them were different levels of bad, all of them being topped by Miss. Yawning While Working.

Never again, never again will I order from their website or deal with their call centre, too much drama for moi!

Oh, in case you were wondering, this is what the correct bracelet looks like…

2016-05-24 01.07.022016-05-24 01.09.03

It is a surprisingly hard bracelet to get a good picture of lol but trust me, it’s pretty. πŸ™‚


17 Sep

For those of you not in to dragon boating you’re probably wondering what the hell Burnwater is. Well, lemme tell ya, it is a company that makes amazing dragon boat paddles and accessories.

Something else amazing about them? Their customer service!

My paddle got damaged towards the end of this season and had to be sent back to Burnwater (they are in the States) for repairs.

Here is what my paddle looked like…

2015-07-26 21.04.25

I had to drive over the border and take it to an American FedEx because FedEx on my side of the border said they aren’t legally allowed to ship the paddle to the States. Annoying but oh well, I got a little road trip out of it so yay! lol

My contact at Burnwater knew I needed it back for a race festival and it seemed like I would get it back in time. If I couldn’t get it back in time for the festival it was to be shipped to my parents place because I was going to be staying there while on vacation and I wanted it for a guest paddling session I was doing with a friend’s team.

The paddle didn’t arrive here or at my parents, it was mia.

The tracking information online said the package had cleared the San Francisco sorting facility and was en route but it had been saying that for a ridiculously long time.

Arin, my contact at Burnwater was so nice about all the harassing and annoying emails I kept sending him asking if he knew where it was and when it was obvious it was not going to show up he said he would send me a new paddle!

Can you believe that?! I mean, how awesome is that?? It wasn’t his fault USPS lost my paddle but he, on behalf of Burnwater, took ownership of the situation and fixed it.

Best customer service. Ever!

My brand new absolutely lovely and perfect paddle arrived this past Monday and I am not exaggerating when I say I hugged it. I hugged the box it was in when it arrived because I realized what it had to be and then I ripped the box open before even signing for the package and hugged the paddle directly.

I had it shipped to my work because there is always somebody there and it was just fluke it arrived on my shift. A friend of mine at work was there when I opened it, she now thinks I am a little crazy, as do the other staff and residents who saw me hugging it lol but that is okay, they suspected I was a certain level of crazy anyways, now it is just confirmed for them lol πŸ˜‰

I can’t seem to take a good picture of my new paddle so here are pictures I stole from the internet so you know what it looks like…as if you care lol πŸ˜›

burnwater 3

I have a T Grip Handle

I have a T Grip Handle


If ever you need to buy a dragon boat paddle (or accessories!) I highly recommend going to Burnwater, their website is http://www.burnwater.ca Not only will you get an excellent product but if ever you need to contact customer service they definitely know how to threat their customers! πŸ™‚

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