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Sick Days

7 Jan

Staring down a serving of NyQuil is like staring down a shot of Tequila. You know it isn’t going to taste great, but it’ll help you attain your immediate goal, and then you’ll pass out.

sick day 2

We are 7 days into 2019, how is your New Year going so far?

Mine was going great until the evening of day 3 when I went from healthy to sick in the span of around 20 minutes. It is amazing how quickly your body can go from healthy to fevered and sick isn’t it? I assume the pesky germs that took me down had been fighting my immune system for a couple days, silently sneaking through my body and killing white blood cells whenever there was an opportunity, and when there was a weak spot in my defences they charged the wall and squashed a whole lot more of those white blood cells, thereby winning the battle against my immune system.

The battle but not the war!

With the aid of vitamins, Airborne (I swear by that stuff), a lot of sleeping, chicken noodle soup, and of course NyQuil, I am on the mend.

However, having four of the seven days of 2019 being sick days means I don’t have a whole lot of interesting things to write about. Le sigh.

I know it is old news by now but my New Years Eve was a lot of fun, I won tickets to a party downtown and it turned out to be pretty good. There was live entertainment, alcohol, a great view of the fireworks, and it was all inside a not overly crowded space so I didn’t even have to freeze my butt off at midnight. I think a good New Years Eve is mostly dependent on who you spend it with, if you’re with someone you want to be with and you have fun with, odds are you’ll have a good time. We could have done pretty much anything and had fun, it was just a happy perk we had such a good spot for the fireworks. πŸ™‚

Then it was a couple days off from work, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and juuust before I was to head back to work I got sick.

So ya see, not much to talk about.

My mom reminded me to make this dish she used to make me when I was a kid and sick. It is warm milk poured over bread that has been cut in to bite size squares and sprinkled with sugar.

sick day 3

It is so simple, and yet so comforting. It however doesn’t photograph all that well lol I pretty much lose my appetite when sick so when she mentioned this dish I thought it would be ok to make, even if it is just carbs and sugar lol As with all dishes that my mom makes, her version is better, but this wasn’t so bad.

I’m hoping it isn’t raining tomorrow so I can go for a bit of a walk, get some fresh air in to these lungs, and get out of this apartment for a bit, I’m soooo bored, and yet, randomly napping throughout the day, so not quite fit for jumping back in to the swing of things just yet. Soon though, and then hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to blog about!

Hope your 2019 is starting off healthier than mine! πŸ˜€


I Nyquil’d!

2 Dec

Yes I created a word. Or maybe this is already a thing? If it isn’t it should be. I mean I know people do it, but does it have a term yet? Cause if not, how is “I Nyquil’d” not the best term for it?

Ok, for those of you who I have already lost lemme back up a bit lol

I don’t sleep well. Actually, that’s not right, I don’t sleep well at night. Weird, right? I sleep great once I am actually asleep but getting asleep? Holy crap that is hard! How do people do that with any kind of speed?? I will go to bed at say 1am, kinda tired but not really, but knowing I should be going to bed otherwise I’ll sleep half the next day away. Well yeah, just cause I am in bed doesn’t mean I pass out now does it? Nope. Nope it doesn’t. I quite easily will stay awake until 3,4,5am. It sucks. Doesn’t matter if I am tired and want to sleep or awake and just trying to force myself to sleep, getting to sleep just isn’t something my body likes to do.

Like I said though, once I am asleep I am fine, usually. There are obviously nights where I don’t get a deep sleep so I’m constantly waking up, rolling over and falling back asleep buuuut the nights I sleep well? Heaven! They make me wish I could get a job sleeping cause I am just that good at it!

Nothing wakes me! Not even exagerating here. Wanna text me? Go for it! I don’t care that my phone is right beside my head, I won’t hear it! Wanna knock on my door? I won’t even twitch! Are you a roomie and you make a shit tonne of noise in the mornings? I don’t care, I don’t hear you! bwahahaha! I thwart all your attempts to wake me! πŸ˜›

I get my best sleep when everyone else is getting up and going about their day. When the city around me is sleeping I am all “let’s clean, let’s read, let’s watch a movie, let’s work out, let’s do anything and everything because I am wide awake” but once the sun starts setting I am all “ok, bed time, zzzzzzzzzz” It’s like my internal clock is reversed.

Most days/nights I don’t really care, I make it work for me and all is well. If I have some days where I have to be up earlier then what I would naturally wake at so I spend the day yawning, well, shrug, it’s ok, I’m used to it.

Thing is, sinceΒ this nightΒ my ability to fall asleep has gotten even worse. Hard to believe, I didn’t really think it could get worse… Where as before I’d usually be able to fall asleep by about 3am or so now it is pushed to 4 then 5am and well, this is just no good!Β I mean come on! Two days a week I have to be up at 5:20am, I can’t fall asleep at 5am just to wake up at 5:20am, even I can’t function well on that little sleep! Arg!

I was getting concerned leading up to Saturday night (Sunday morning is the first of my two work days where I have to be up at 5:20am). How was I going to get to sleep? What was I going to do when I was unable to function at work on Sunday? How do other people dooooooo this?!?! When I panic my questions don’t become super deep lol.

Then I had a brainstorm! When I was sick a couple weeks ago I used, for the first time, Nyquil cough syrup for night time. It helped me sleep by calming my cough down and making me drowsy, it is a miracle liquid! Don’t mind me, I don’t take over the counter medications often so to me this nasty tasting liquid was crazy awesome. πŸ™‚

Nyquil, my new best friend!

Nyquil, my new best friend!

I decided to Nyquil myself. Yup, that’s right, when I got home after work I took a half dose of the cough syrup and let it help me drift off to la-la land. It sooooo worked! Not only did I get 5 full hours of deep sleep but when my alarm went off I woke up easily and had no problem getting up and ready for the day. Yes! Success! πŸ™‚

I of course, not being a dummy, did a repeat Sunday night since I had to be up at 5:20am Monday morning. Guess what? Same superb results! Got a great 5 hours of sleep, woke up easily, woke up alert, had a day that ended with me having enough energy to go work out instead of go home and have a nap. πŸ™‚ Is this what normal people feel like?

Now obviously I am not going to do this every night (much as I may want to lol) because I can’t rely on Nyquil to get me to sleep every night but I am definitely going to keep it as a back up plan for my Saturday and Sunday nights!

I’m also kind of seriously wondering if how I felt both mornings is how other people feel every morning? Cause that’s just weeeeird, and something that kinda makes me jealous lol πŸ˜›

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