Epic Salad Fail

29 Sep

I was lazy last night and paid the consequences today, sigh. I got caught up in tv and laziness last night and didn’t make adequate food for today at work, not good! I thought it would be alright but when I was getting my lunch and snacks out of the fridge this morning I was all “ah crap, where’s all the food??” I am used to having breakfast, snack, lunch and then if I feel like it another snack – all at work – that’s a lot of food, and generally a lot of tupperware containers! lol.

I had my breakfast with me, it’s only cereal and fruit after all, but for lunch I had a sandwich (tuna), my laughing cow cheese and a yogurt…what’s with that? It just didn’t seem like enough. shrug. I guess I got used to taking small amounts of lots of things (like cottage cheese, yams, side salad and soup) so the amount of food didn’t look like very much. In reality it was enough and geez, complaining about “only” having a sandwich, yogurt and two triangles of cheese makes me sound like a pig. Oink! Oink! I bought a Mediteranean Salad to go with my sandwich, it was mixed greens, black olives, baby tomato and feta and it was disgusting! Oh so disgusting! Hence the Epic Salad Fail. It was the mixed greens that made it gross, weird huh? I don’t know what was up with them but they were nasty. ugh.

To compensate for my no salad at lunch I ate some raw mixed veggies in the afternoon for a snack; least I still got my veggies for the day…well, some of them. lol.

Also today I got a treat…a cookie by George! Mmm Mmm Mmm those cookies are like ecstasy, pure bliss in my mouth. I decided since I am trying to eat some of my flex points now and on normal days I have trouble doing that I might as well use some of my flex points to fit in one of those cookies. I grabbed a chocolate chip (the only one I have been able to calculate the points for so far) and wrapped it up to bring home. I didn’t want to scarf it down and barely notice how good it tastes and that’s what would happen if Iate it at work. This way, I sat all comfy cozy on my couch and ate that cookie nice an slow so I savoured every bite. Yum!

Mindless eating is something I have been working on stopping. We all know we aren’t s’posed to eat in our cars, or in front of the tv or when reading and I usually did all of those on a regular basis. lol.  So now I don’t eat in my car or when reading, I do still eat in front of the tv tho. 😛 I do my best to eat at a moderate speed and think about every bite. I am not always able to manage it but I try. Sometimes, like yesterday at dinner time, I am so hungry I can’t help myself, I eat really fast…I regretted that yesterday cause I still felt hungry even though I knew I wasn’t. sigh. I know to wait about 20 mins after eating to see if I am really hungry or if my stomach just hasn’t gotten the message to my brain yet that I am full but man, yesterday was hard.

Today I ate:

29 grams Honey Nut Cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup skim milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 apple = 1 point

1 tuna sandwich = 4 points

1 Activia Yogurt = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

raw mixed veggies = 0 points

1 Fiesta Salad = 6 points

1 pckg Jolly Time Popcorn = 1 point

1 chocolate chip cookie = 5 points

Total points eaten today = 25. So that’s my 22 daily points and 3 flex points. I still feel uncomfie using my flex points but I decided to look at it this way – today is a ‘hungry day’ I have wanted to stuff my face all day, if I wasn’t on weight watchers I would have eaten way more then 25 points worth of food and not even realized so sure, I ate 3 flex points but it could be a lot worse! lol.


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