Is it really Sunday night already?

8 May

Where did the weekend go? I knew it was going to be busy (for the most part) but I swear Sunday night always appears out of nowhere to surprise me. It’s my least favourite time of the week, cause technically it’s still a relaxing chill-your-time-is-your-own time but you have to do boring responsible things, like get your lunch for work the next day ready to go, and finish up any last minute things you didn’t get done, and you have to at least pretend to go to bed at a reasonable time cause you hafta be up early the next day…there are oh so many reasons to hate Sunday night, sigh.

But let’s not focus on the suckyness that is Sunday night, instead let’s look back at the fun that has been had over the past couple days – way better use of time! 🙂

Friday night was my first Dragon Boat lesson – it was soooooo sweeeeeet! 😀 I went with KL and we had a kick ass great time. I was a tad worried my elbow and knees might make it not fun cause I thought they might get too strained cause of being injured but all joints and wounds held up just fine. It started at 6pm but it was suggested we get there early to fill out paperwork, get a locker, all that kind of stuff. Also, earlier that day I got an email from one of the organizers with a list of recommended clothing to wear…the last contact had just said wear something you don’t mind getting a little wet but this list was quite specific which kinda sucked cause neither KL nor I owned any of the stuff on the list. Figures right?

So KL met me at my work and we went to Sportmart to see what we could find – we each got a waterproof shell jacket and biking gloves…we both decided to skip the shell pants as we looked ridiculous in them and hello? fashion first right? 😉 lol There was a bunch of other stuff on the list but we both decided we didn’t want to go overboard with specialized clothing since we didn’t even know if we’d like the dragon boating, no use stocking up on supplies for something we might only do for 4 weeks right?

We got there early, signed in, got a locker and realized we didn’t have time to eat dinner before it started – oh well. The session is 2 hours long but since this was the first one we didn’t spend all 2 hours on the water, first we had to get suited up, get taught the paddling technique, all that kind of stuff. I feel I should mention that it was pouring rain this entire time, Pouring!! We weren’t even in the boats yet and we were soaked…well, our shoes were soaked, and our pants were wet, our upper bodies were nice and dry thanks to the shell jackets we had bought lol.

I don’t have a lot of experience with water based sports…well, sports in general really, but water based ones for sure. I am from the prairies, I like the land. 🙂 I didn’t even think about how when we got to the boat we’d be sitting on seats that had been exposed to the rain this entire time…soooo, my first sensation after getting settled in my spot was “wow, my pants have totally soaked through and now my ass is wet…and cold” Pleasant sounding huh? 😉

The rowing was lots of fun, turns out it’s more of a core exercise then arms cause yes our arms will apparently get all nice n toned but the strength to paddle comes from the twisting motion you make with your middle so if you’re rowing correctly you’ll feel it in your abs, waist, that whole area whereas if you are doing it wrong you’ll feel it in your arms. I felt it in my arms at first and realized I wasn’t twisting correctly so I focused really hard on the twist and timing and boom! my waist and abs started singing! Yah! 😀 Afterwards KL and I went to get dinner, we decided to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory since it is close and cheap and you get a hell of a lotta food – well, seems like dragon boating kicks your appetite in to full gear cause we went through 2 of the free loaves of bread, I ate my entire salad, then we split our entrees so we could each have two things lol. I ordered the Seafood Linguine Alfredo and she got the Vegetarian Lasagne; both were good but I wouldn’t order either one again. shrug. Then! after all that food we skipped the free ice cream and instead ordered a spice cake that is covered in liquid caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! So much food!

Saturday I had an audition for a independent (read that as non paying) web series, the audition went really well and I had lots of fun but I’m trying not to think about it cause I don’t know when call backs are, then I had some chilling time before going to work. The shift I was covering was 8:15p sat night to 2:15am sunday morning but it ran an hour longer so I made some decent coin. 🙂 However this meant I wasn’t in bed until almost 5am so I slept a nice chunk of sunday away, called my mom for mother’s day, showered, ate nibblies, and have pretty much been glued to the couch ever since. lol. I am alternating between watching tv, reading a book and being online. Lazy? Sure. Relaxing? Yup!

A bonus from dragon boating, all day saturday my abs hurt! Yah! The kind of hurt you get when you worked a muscle group and your body really felt it ya know? The good kind of hurt! 🙂 Everytime I coughed or sneezed or laughed I also had to groan cause I caused myself pain, so awesome!

I meant to bake today to take stuff in to work tomorrow but couldn’t be bothered, and really, I should have gone grocery shopping but again, can’t be bothered. I’m lazy today and I feel after getting beaten up thursday, rowing friday, and working late saturday I deserve a lazy-do-nothing kind of day. 🙂

The only sucky part of the weekend, besides the whole it-is-now-sunday-night thing is that I only lost 0.4lbs this week. I am happy I lost, don’t get me wrong, but I would have liked to lose more. I am not really surprised though cause all week I felt as if my body was holding on to it’s weight. That may sound stupid but I am a lot better at reading my body now and I can feel when it’s losing weight during the week and all last week I felt like I was hoarding weight even though I was eating healthy and not using my flex points. I used flex points friday, and saturday come to think of it, so my weigh in today (sunday) is not only reflecting all that food but also my body’s unwillingness to lose weight this week.

I don’t know why it’s doing this but all I can do is be strict with myself this coming week and try to make it do what I want. lol. We all know how easy that is huh? 😉


2 Responses to “Is it really Sunday night already?”

  1. Dacia May 9, 2011 at 8:03 am #

    Dragon boating sounds awesome! I am sure it provides a great workout. Hope you enjoy the class!

    • shrinkingwmn May 9, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

      Oh I so absolutely loved the class and can’t wait for next Friday to do it again! 😀

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