Been Gone A While

9 Aug

So I haven’t written a post in a while, I went to visit my parents and they don’t have wifi so even though I take my laptop I can’t use the internet there unless I actually plug the cable in to my laptop thereby taking the internet away from my parent’s computer. It’s not like I don’t have an opportunity to use their computer and get online, I did just that a couple times while there, but I’m there to visit and don’t want to spend an overly long time on the computer – I’d rather be visiting friends and/or family. Makes sense right?

So there I was in AB for a week and oh man did I make every possible attempt to kill myself with food *rolls eyes* I left here with all kinds of good intentions, I took exercise clothes and my runners, I took my skipping rope and my iPod dock so I could have some music playing while exercising, I intended to ask friends if they wanted to go for walks on trails instead of to restaurants when we hung out…seriously, all kinds of plans! Well, hmm, *clears throat*, I am sorry to report that uh, sigh, none of those intentions actually turned in to any kind of action. The most exercise I got was walking through a large park at a food festival so I could go from one food booth to the next lol. 😛

Oh, and to make it even better, the drive is 13 hours and I was hungover so do you think I wanted to eat the veggies and fruit I had packed for the drive? No, I soooo didn’t! I was that weird hungover combo of feeling sick and feeling starved all at once and all I wanted was fast food, kraft dinner and chocolate milk. lol. Sorta my standard hungover fare. 😛 On the drive to AB I managed to eat a homemade sandwich, A&W onion rings, a muffin from Tim Horton’s…and I think something else but I can’t quite remember…not the best start to a food week I have ever had.

Now, normally, if I have a really bad food day the next day I am extra careful with my food and I make sure I put extra effort into my exercising and while my attempt at righting my wrong may not counteract the caloric damage I did the previous day it makes me feel better and for me, that’s almost as important as the scale. Part of how I gauge how I am doing is how my tummy feels, does it feel hard? bloated? icky? fatter then normal? even more jiggly? or does it feel thinner? lighter? a tad smaller? If I have a bad food day and make it up the next day then usually by the end of the make up day my tummy is feeling good – not bloated or extra jiggly etc. Because of having so many high calorie days and no exercising for so long my tummy is feeling huge! I feel like it is sticking way farther out then it was two weeks ago and it’s for sure way more jiggly. ugh. My clothes still fit the same, sorta, but I swear they are clinging to my fat more tightly – it’s highly distressing since before this uh, let’s call it a binge shall we?, lol, I was doing fairly decently.

But that’s ok, a week of over eating and doing nothing even remotely close to exercise can be overcome, or at least corrected by getting back on track starting asap. I hiked today and ate fairly well…I kinda cheated on my food this evening, I was so hungry while my dinner was cooking I started to just eat anything I could find (a bad habit I thought I had broken, grr) so I ended up taking in some stupid calories but other then that I did ok. While normally I would be kicking my ass for the cheating I look at it as relearning my healthy habits. I had a whole week where I was eating out everyday and eating badly for pretty much every meal – something that goes against all the healthy habits I have spent all this time creating…makes some kind of twisted sense that I can’t just jump right back on to the healthy lifestyle without some sort of slip up. So, I ate healthy and exercised today with one food slip up. Tomorrow I will eat healthy and exercise with no food slip ups, or if there is a slip up it will be on a smaller scale and before you know it I’ll be doing just fine. 😀


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