Pizza! Pizza! Come ‘n Smell It!

17 Jul

Today we had a Lunch and Learn at work; basically it’s a long meeting/training session that takes place over lunch time so they feed us. I don’t mind them usually; generally the food is pizza or something similarly easy and yummy and who doesn’t like pizza? Well, you can see where this is leading I’m sure…I can’t eat pizza! Well, ok, I can but it’s soooooo many points why would I want to?

Mmm...looks so yummy but I didn't touch it!

The pizza was from The Flying Wedge , they are pretty decent, the best part about them is that they have a lot of different flavours so if you’re feeling like eating something a little different on your pizza good chance you’ll find it there. The delivery guy was all “it’s the healthiest pizza you can find, all natural ingredients – real cheese!” well ha! Maybe it does have the closest to healthy ingredients on a pizza you can get but that doesn’t make it good for you. The Veggie Wedgie is 5 points per slice…you’d think a slice of vegetarian pizza wouldn’t be so bad but apparently it is. Sure a meal is usually around 5 or 6 points but one slice of pizza does not a meal make…I don’t know anybody who eats only 1 slice and 10 points for 2 slices seems ridiculous.

Luckily, I knew in advance that we were having the lunch and learn and that we were being fed pizza so I brought my own lunch (well, that I do everyday) but I brought a more indulgent seeming lunch so that I wouldn’t feel deprived while watching everyone else eat pizza. It’s a pasta bowl from M&M Meat Shops; it was Italian Sausage and Penne – 5 points for the bowl which is so large it’s a complete meal. It tasted like it should be more then 5 points (mmm, the sausage was really good!) so I felt like I was getting a treat but instead of all the points I would have eaten if I’d had 2 slices of pizza I ate only 5 points and was full afterwards. Yah! A little pre-planning saved my points! 😀

Today I ate:

3/4 cup Almond Special K = 2 points

1 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 Italian Sausage and Penne Bowl = 5 points

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 Fiesta Salad = 8 points

1 Raspberry Fruit Bar = 2 points

That is 22 points; I still have 1 point left so I am going to eat one of my Weight Watchers chocolates when I make a cup of tea. Perfecto! 🙂

I thought I wouldn’t feel overly hungry today since I felt that way yesterday and normally that “I’m so hungry I wanna stuff my face” feeling lasts only 1 day but a couple times today I felt really hungry and just wanted to eat! Now, I have more then enough food with me when I am at work but today I felt like my food stores wouldn’t be enough – they were, well, they had to be cause it’s not like I could magically produce food from thin air lol. In actuality, I must have had enough food because I had an errand after work that took quite a while so I had dinner late and I wasn’t feeling starved when I finally got to eat. But those hungry patches during the day at work were hard; I was so tempted to go to the little convenience store in the lobby area of my work building and buy something, anything! and lemme tell you there is nothing healthy in that little store! lol.

Tomorrow should be interesting, I am going to be out all day with KL, we are going outlet shopping in the states so we’ll just have to see what I end up eating. eek. I am a little worried because finding healthy food in a mall is almost impossible but hopefully I will be able to find something…


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