I Made A Boo-Boo

3 Dec

It is totally NOT what you think! 😛 lol

I’m doing my “Lose A Pant Size By Dec 22/13” challenge, click Here to read about it, or just scroll to the top of the page and hit the Page named Nov 12/13-Dec 22/13 Challenge if you don’t know what I am yapping about.

In a nutshell, I am following a super strict eating plan (and exercising, duh lol) in an attempt to lose a pant size by Dec 22/13. I won’t go in to all the details about why etc cause I’d just be repeating what is written on the actual challenge page…just know that it is for vanity’s sake lol and it is reeeeally strict! Worth it, but strict.

Well, today I made plans to go see a movie with a friend. I was so proud, I purposefully suggested the later movie time so I would have no excuse to not exercise. No way I could run out of time in my day if I wasn’t meeting him until 8:45pm right? Right! 🙂

Thing is, I kiiiinda ran out of time, not to exercise! I went to Zumba! But to eat…oops? *cringe face* Don’t judge! It wasn’t on purpose!

I bet Cookie Monster never forgot to eat...

I bet Cookie Monster never forgot to eat…

I had a late brekkie (cause I slept in lol) then did stuff around the apartment for a while, went to Zumba, came home, made a protein shake, showered, groomed and went out. Somewhere in there I swear I intended to eat dinner, ya know, after Zumba but before going out buuuuuut it didn’t happen…

The boo-boo, if you hadn’t guessed, was that I was ridiculously under my calories for the day, especially when you factor in how many I burned while exercising. I’m already eating a small-ish amount of calories daily (1010 to be exact) but I dropped down to a number distressingly smaller than that, sigh.

So now I’m sitting here, typing away at 3 am, though the time stamp on the post won’t show that cause I always alter them before I publish a post lol, hungry, though not as hungry as I expected to be, but knowing I am not going to eat anything because I am about to go to bed. Poor tummy, it must think I hate it…

Oh, in case you were wondering, what did I do that filled in the time I should have spent cooking then eating my dinner, it was my nails. That’s right! I was doing my nails, lost track of time, then realized I didn’t have time to cook anything anymore. Some days I am such a girl lol 😛

I’m going to tell you my calories for the day, are you sitting down? Take a deep breath and try not to think too badly of me ok? I ate 506 calories, I burned 361 calories, which leaves me with a net calorie amount of…144…*braces for accusing glares and lectures*

I didn’t mean to! Honest! If I wan gonna purposefully starve myself do you think I’d be admitting it on here?! *rolls eyes*

I just know I’m gonna wake up hungry tomorrow, sigh, which will suck. Plus, all day tomorrow I will have a thought in my head that goes something like this “sure, I shouldn’t eat that, but I ate so little yesterday surely today I can splurge a little?” Horrible! It will be a horrible tempting thought that I will have to resist so as not to screw up but in the opposite direction of the way I screwed up today. Oy! lol

On that note I am going to go to bed since I have to be up early-ish, I will probably dream about food since right now, that’s pretty much all I am thinking about lol Pancakes to be specific, I am really wanting pancakes right now, which is ridiculous cause I couldn’t eat those even if I was going to eat something…maybe I’ll have them for my birthday breakfast…hmm, something to think about and possibly look forward to! lol



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