Acai Berry Tea Break

9 Jan
Eeyore makes every tea break awesome

Eeyore makes every tea break awesome

For my birthday and Christmas I got quite the selection of teas from various people – which is awesome! 🙂

I hadn’t really told people that I was trying to enter in to the world of decaf tea, though I know some of my friends/family would have read about that on this blog. As you may or may not remember my foray in to the world of purchasing decaf tea was going horrible lol You’d think it’d be easy to buy decaf tea, or oh I don’t know, read the label on the tea to ensure it is decaf before purchasing it buuuut apparently that is just not something I do – read the label I mean lol I ended up on a couple different occasions buying a new type of tea thinking it would be decaf only to learn that it wasn’t. Not like it is the end of the world, the tea is still tasty but I was trying to buy decaf for a reason and my consistently buying caffeinated was messing with my plan. *rolls eyes*

Why did I want decaf tea? I was experimenting with something. See, I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and while I don’t think the small amount of caffeine in my before-bed cup of tea was actually affecting my ability to get to sleep I thought it couldn’t hurt to cut out that small amount of caffeine from my nightly routine to see if the absence of it made a difference. Because I so thoroughly sucked at buying decaf tea I didn’t really get to test this hypothesis out before I left for my parent’s place for Christmas. Lucky for me my dad is now drinking decaf tea so my parents had a bunch of it in the house which means while visiting I drank his decaf tea at night. I didn’t notice a difference while I was there but it’s not like cutting out the caffeine hurt me either. shrug.

some of the teas I got as presents

some of the teas I got as presents

Since I’ve been back in BC I’ve been drinking my Tetley caffeinated tea and not really remembering I was going to try decaf teas at night, oops! In my defence I’ve been busy dealing with being sick then with this whole hip thing so I’ve kinda had other things on my mind. This evening though I actually remembered, practically a miracle! lol

What’s funny about my timing is that I had a headache this evening and made a cup of tea thinking I hadn’t had enough caffeine today and a quick cuppa would set things to right but while waiting for the water to boil I remembered all my lovely new decaf teas and randomly chose the Acai Berry flavour. Didn’t really clue in until I was sitting with my cup of tea in my hands and my laptop on my lap that this time I reversed my screw up. I was supposed to be drinking caffeinated to help with my headache but this time I chose decaf…it’s like I can’t manage to get this caffeine vs decaff tea thing straight lol

I have to invest in one of those loose leaf tea holding thingys…those ones that you dunk in a cup of hot water the same way you dunk a tea bag…I can’t remember what they are called…*confused face* up until now all my tea has always been in tea bags, and while this evenings choice of tea was also in a tea bag some of the teas I received were not, they are loose leaf (obviously lol)…which means I have no way to drink them lol

Actually, my mom did suggest on using a sieve, a small one, basically put some loose leaf in a tea pot, let it steep, then when pouring in to a cup put the sieve on top of the cup to catch the leaves. I can in theory do that but do you think I can find the small sieve that I was oh so certain I owned? Of course I can’t! lol So tomorrow while I am out I may or may not buy a loose leaf tea holder thingy, and oh man I can just imagine the look on the face of the person in the shop when that is what I ask for lol 😛


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