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Thyroid Update

16 May

I had a doctor’s appointment today, to find out the results of the tests done on my blood from last Monday. It would appear that everything is working a-okay within my body.

How messed up is it that I’m a little disappointed right now? *rolls eyes* I was sorta hoping I’d have a thyroid problem and that I would get medicated (even though I hate taking medication) so that I would then have an easier time losing weight (although from what I’ve heard the meds don’t always help with that…) but instead my thyroid is apparently functioning as it should be so nooooo meds for this girl.

Which really, in the long run I am happy about because meds are so not my thing lol In the short term though, grr! and Boo! lol πŸ˜›

The doc says the reason I am having trouble losing weight is because I am subconsciously restricting my movement/activities due to the hip problem. She says it is normal for someone whose had an injury to hold back a bit and not be as active as they used to be because they have to baby the injured body part but most people don’t change their eating habits so they are eating more than they should be considering the reduced activity and bam! Weight gain! Then, as the person starts to regain their active lifestyle, they, without realizing it, hold back, or just do a bit less day-to-day which of course means the weight doesn’t come off as quickly as they would like.

Speaking as someone who was badly injured years ago and took for freakin ever to become fully mobile again and then even longer then freakin ever to lose the weight she gained while gimped I am not impressed with this analysis. I understand it. I just don’t like it.

I am back to being active. I mean yeah, I am a lazy person in general but I am back to my twice weekly dragon boat practices, and my hiking (though not as often as I would like but that is not my fault! life gets in the way *pout*) and my random other activities that are generally not planned but just happen. I mean c’mon, I just ran the BMO Run two weekends ago, isn’t that a sign of an active person??

Apparently not. sigh.

How much more do I have to do to be considered active and for my body to stop being a jerk and drop this weight? *glares at body*

I know that when it comes to weight loss it is 80% what you eat and 20% your exercise and I will admit that I am not the greatest when it comes to food. I try, sorta, in spurts lol I’m pretty sure though that I undereat, shocking I know! Except for the days I indulge in something stupid and them boom! Overeater in the house! *groan* I annoy myself. πŸ˜›

I’ve got to get my food back on track but no big gimmicks, no weird tricks, just, I dunno, normal healthy eating, in the proper portion sizes, and no more treats just because. I mean yeah ok, I’m not going to cut out every single treat but I have to be more careful with them, actually have them be treats and not daily occurrences ya know? Oh, and I think maybe I should be eating more than once or twice a day…but I always find that hard, sigh.

I’m starting with baby steps, which may seem lame, but I figure every little change will help and will eventually grow in to a big change *crosses fingers and hopes* So, in that vein, when I got home from work this evening I had a cup of tea but no snack. Not gonna lie, I miss having a snack, but my night time snack was almost always something not nutritionally beneficial to my body and not really needed for anything other than taste bud happiness and those little buggers can just suck up the loss as far as I’m concerned lol

I will have to come up with an actual eating plan of some sort otherwise nothing will actually change, but that can wait for tomorrow, when it’s not one in the morning and I’m not kinda tired. πŸ™‚



How I Handle Pain

26 Mar

sigh, I am that person who always thinks “it doesn’t hurt that much, I’ve hurt worse, suck it up and deal” when something hurts. I think this way for all pain, whether it is an organ that has twisted and is dying (totally happened), a bleeding finger I bashed during a dragon boat race (true story) or my hips (my current true story). I try to just, I dunno, deal, shrug.

suck it up

I don’t know if people would consider it a wise way of dealing with pain, but it’s my way. There are of course exceptions, obviously. When the pain from the dying organ got too much to deal with I went to the ER, I waited hmm, almost 24 hours before going, then had to wait 48 hours longer because the stupid doctor didn’t believe I was in pain and kept putting off doing anything to help me until I insisted. I’m still irritated about that but should probably let it go since it’s in the past… πŸ˜›

Same thing with the hips, when I could no longer walk because the right hip was in super intense pain (and well, it wouldn’t really move anymore – fyi totally awkward situation that) I went to the ER. That was way back in the beginning of January and I am still dealing with the hip issues, arg.

I got a doctor, that referred me to a specialist, who has been sending me for tests and I’m irritated with the whole thing and wanna call it quits. But then a day like today happens and I think “oh yeah, that’s why I am still going through with all these lame doctors appointments”

Yesterday I got my hips ultrasounded, weird huh? It felt weird, and I got that icky ultrasound gunk on my pants, ewwww! *pout* The guy who controlled the wand informed me that I am too young to be having hip problems (no, really?? I hadn’t realized that! *rolls eyes*), he also informed me he didn’t think he saw much of anything. Some fluid but not all that much. I was taking this as good news since the other tests I’d had (the multiple x-rays and CT scan) all showed fluid in the hip which is usually a sign of infection whiiiiich from doctor’s faces when they say that seems like it must be a bad thing….I decided that if he saw “not all that much fluid” it must be going away on its own which means I must be closer to no more hip problems. Sounds good, right?

Today however both my hips were complaining. 😦 I am not impressed. I want to say it is the ultrasounds fault but not sure if that is right or not. The x-rays and CT scan all made my hips hurt way worse than they had been already because of the painful positions they put my legs in to get various shots of my hips. For the ultrasound I just had to lay there while he dug that wand thing in to me, shrug, not that big a deal. I’d say hands down this was the easiest hip test I’ve had so far. πŸ™‚

But like I said, today my hips hurt. I can’t sit for very long because the pain just builds and builds and builds so I get up and walk and then I’m hurting because I am walking. Apparently I can’t win. Crap. Oh, and to make it worse, instead of it being just the right hip it’s both of them at the same level of pain today, stupid hips.

I got prescribed at my last specialist appointment some drugs. They are pain pills that are apparently super harsh to the stomach so they are combined with something that is supposed to help the stomach, greeeeeat. Took me forever to fill the prescription cause I don’t like taking pills, I only filled it because I thought the doc might ask if they helped at my next appointment and I wanted to truthfully be able to tell him I tried one lol. πŸ˜› While I was out today I kept kicking myself for having the pills at home because I thought if there was gonna be a day to pop one, it’d be today. When I got home however my decision about that wavered.

When I’m in pain I have a checklist of questions that goes something like this:

(1) have you hurt worse at some point? If the answer is yes, don’t take the pain pill.

(2) can you still physically function? If the answer is yes, don’t take the pain pill.

(3) does the pill have side effects you don’t wanna deal with? If the answer is yes, don’t take the pain pill.

(4) can you stay in and rest/apply heat/wallow in misery without inflicting your misery on to others? If the answer is yes, don’t take the pain pill.

You get the idea…if I can manage to avoid taking meds, I will. shrug.

So by the time I got home I was all, “dude, you’ve hurt worse, your hip is still able to move, you don’t have to do anything super impressive tonight so you can use the heating pad and try to rest, suck it up and don’t take the pills. save them for when it is really bad. don’t be a wimp!”

don't take the pills!

don’t take the pills!

Which would be how I came to be sitting here, chilling, no meds in my system, heat on my hips, and two spots of matching pain throbbing in my hip joints. Lovely.

Even if I wanted to I can’t take the pills now, you have to take them with “lots of food” according to the pharmacist and it is too late in the evening for eating, shrug, means I’ll just deal with it. I’ll be glad tomorrow I didn’t cave and take a pill today but it does make me wonder, will I ever end up taking one of these pills??

no wimps

Hospital Visit Number 2

5 Jan

The T3 I took Thursday when I got home from the hospital knocked me out for a good chunk of Friday. I woke up long enough to call work and tell them I wasn’t going to be able to come in then passed out for another couple hours. I really needed the sleep since I’d gotten almost none the night before and was now in day 3 of constant pain. Pain is tiring after a while but when it’s strong it stops you from being able to escape via sleep which seems uber unfair to me. πŸ˜› lol

I decided to go to the hospital for 5pm because that is when parking gets cheaper lol

I got to the admitting desk, showed them my note from the doctor I saw the previous day saying I needed a CT scan, got a new wristband and was plunked in to a huge chair that lays flat if needed. They thought it would be less painful then a bed. They were wrong lol To be fair though no position was comfy so I don’t think a bed would have been any better pain wise, shrug.

another wristband. least I didn't have to change in to a gown this time!

another wristband. least I didn’t have to change in to a gown this time!

Even with the note there was some confusion about the CT scan so I had quite a wait. I took a book with me just in case I was there a long time but couldn’t focus on the words due to how much pain I was in. My brilliant idea turned out to be not so brilliant. Ah well, I tried!

Eventually I ended up getting the CT scan then of course I got brought back to my oversized chair and had to wait for the results. Oh, and I got more blood drawn. From the same arm! Seems a tad cruel if you ask me lol. Goes to show how good the vampires are though, I have no bruises from the needles even though I was poked in the same spot two days in a row. Yay for no bruises!

Left: the maple leafs painted on the ceiling of the CT department. Right: me waiting in my chair

Left: the maple leafs painted on the ceiling of the CT department. Right: me waiting in my chair

Eventually the doctor came to see me, a different doctor from the night before. The results of the CT scan showed: something in my hip. What the hell is it with these test results?!?! All they can say is there is “something” there *rolls eyes* Not helpful!

The doc had a list of potential things it could be, ranging from bacterial infection to gout to unknown. She doesn’t think infection is likely because I don’t have a fever and the hip isn’t red and/or swollen. Gout is also unlikely cause of my diet (I eat lots of veggies) but that lands us in to the unknown section of the list. The decision was made to send me home with a prescription for strong pain meds that will not make me drowsy so I’ll be able to function and have me wait 24 hours to see if the hip starts to get better on its own. How is this a good decision? *confused face*

This conversation was had at around 10pm which meant I was being sent home, after now being in constant pain for 3 days, with a prescription I wouldn’t be able to fill until the next day because pharmacies are closed and all I could do was wait and see.

I know it makes me a wimp but on the way to my suv I started crying. The idea that they weren’t fixing my hip or even diagnosing it and that I was going to have to deal with that level of pain for at least another day was just too much for me to take. Yeah yeah I know, woe is me right? *rolls eyes*

I took another T3 that night when I went to bed but it wasn’t strong enough to stop me from waking up all through the night from pain, sigh.

Luckily the same friend who insisted on driving me home from the hospital the first night was willing to take my pain med prescription to the pharmacy and get it filled for me, oh, and get me some apple juice lol Hey don’t judge! When I am sick or in pain I want apple juice, it’s how I roll! πŸ˜‰ The pills cost me $5.05, without my health care coverage they would have cost $25.25.

These pain pills come with strict rules, must must must be taken with food. And not like have a snack and take a pill but have a meal and when halfway done eating the meal take the pill, then continue with the meal. Like I have to sandwich the pill within my stomach between lots of food. Weird.

Because I got the pills late in the day I was only able to take two of the three per day I am supposed to take. They kinda helped but not so much I was able to walk without the crutches. I still had to lift my leg with my hands to be able to get in to bed, or on my living room chair… Oh yeah, I don’t think I mentioned that, the pain is wicked bad but I’ve also lost mobility so getting dressed, taking stairs, getting on to furniture, anything that involves the leg lifting upwards is pain pain pain! and soooo not happening unless I use my hands to lift the leg. I learned early that if I force the thigh muscles to relax it’s much less painful then if I flex the muscles. Don’t know why but whatever I can do to lessen the pain I will do! πŸ™‚

The next step is getting the hip aspirated, which means the hip will be numbed and a big ass needle will be poked in it and it will suck out some of whatever is in my hip so it can be tested and doctors can finally know what is going on in there. They want to wait before doing it because the procedure itself opens my hip up to potential infection and they want to avoid that if possible.

I’m torn at this point on what to do. Today would’ve been the day I go back and get the hip aspirated based on the wait-and-see-if-I-magically-get-better-approach. The pain isn’t as bad anymore but I’m positive that is because of the pills and being able to rest the hip for two days straight, not because whatever is wrong with it is magically getting better on its own. But since the pain is lessened that technically puts me in the category of “not supposed to go back to the hospital”. See the dilemma?

I decided to not go back today based on the lessened pain however, tomorrow I have to go to work so I figure I’ll see how the hip is after I’m done work. If, even on the pills and with the aid of crutches it is in a world-of-pain then I’m gonna go to the hospital right after work and yet again try to get this figured out. Hopefully without the hip being aspirated because the idea of a big ass needle being poked in my hip does not appeal to me at all! Ick!

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