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Green Dragons

27 Oct

Every year my dragon boat team has a season end party, it is always a potluck and I always take a dessert because, well, that is what I know how to make lol Last year I took a cupcake cake shaped like a dragon and felt like I should take something this year also dragon themed. But what to take? I did some internet snooping to look for inspiration and came up with this…


Green Dragons!

Ok yes, admittedly he is a bit ghetto looking, but he was the first one made and there was a bit of a learning curve for how to move them around once they were frosted lol In the end I resorted to using an offset spatula to scoop them up and move them to their carrying container, and even then some of them lost frosting on their torsos. *rolls eyes* Looking back I realize I should have frosted and decorated them a couple hours prior to when I had to package them up, give the frosting time to set a bit, instead of packing them as soon as they were decorated. My impatience was showing. πŸ˜‰

They are super easy to make, and would probably be a fun adult and kid project. Especially since you don’t have to decorate them to make them look like a dragon.

The base is Rice Krispie squares, only cut in to rectangles to give more of a “body” impression vs just a head. Cause ya know, totally normal to eat the entire body of an animal, but it’d be weird if it was just a decorated head…

Start with a tray of Rice Krispie treats, made exactly as the box says. Let them cool completely before cutting.


While the treats are cooling you can whip up some buttercream frosting, dye it any colour you want, and prep your decorations.

I bought the eyes ready made because it is halloween and candy eyes are everywhere, so why not take advantage? All the other decorations are candies that I manipulated. I cut a Fruit By The Foot in to triangles for the ears. I pulled apart a pull apart Twizzler and then cut the strips short to make spiky hair. I found this white malleable candy at the dollar store to make the fangs. Lastly, I used Smarties for the nostrils.

Originally I wanted to make them all uniform, so if the frosting was going to be green than I wanted green spiky hair and ears. However, candy companies are not thinking of my baking decoration needs so I couldn’t find things that would work all in green, or all of any colour so I changed my mind and decided to go rainbow themed. After all, just because a dragon has a green body, who says he can’t show his individuality by dying his spiky hair? And who says genetics would make his ears green? Maybe dragons thrive on showing their personality by having multi-coloured hair. Or maybe they are a mix of colours to better blend in with the unicorns and rainbows.

The point is, there are no rules when it comes to stuff like this, so I purposefully went colourful. Having said that, I opened the bag of Smarties and they were all muted colours. When did Smarties stop being vibrant and instead become pastel and blah looking? That was kind of a let down, sigh.

Here is the candy prepped and ready for use. I had no idea how much I would need so I guessed…and definitely over estimated on the amount of hair I would need lol

Once your candy is prepped, your frosting is made, and your Rice Krispies are cooled all you do is cut the Rice Krispies, eat one for quality control, frost and decorate to your hearts content.

I would frost and decorate then move on to the next one instead of frost them all and then move on to the decorating part. You need the frosting to be soft enough it will accept you sticking candy in to it so if you wait to decorate until all of them are frosted it might be harder.

There was also going to be a line drawn in black gel frosting between the fangs to create a mouth but I thought that was too risky. Frosting Rice Krispie treats is not easy, well, not easy in the sense they are bumpy and will never look good, and that mouth was just going to end up wobbly and unattractive, so I left their mouth area as just having fangs. I think that part looked ok though so no biggy.

Voila! Green Dragons!


Definitely not my best work, and I’m sorry I didn’t test them out the week prior to discover I wasn’t going to like how they turned out so I could make something else, but oh well. They are cute in a kid type of way, which is why I think its a great idea as an adult and kid project. Just maybe not quite right for an adult’s dragon boat season end party.

I’m already plotting for next year though, just you wait, it is gonna be great!…hopefully lol πŸ˜‰

A Gold Surprise!

12 Jun

Last weekend my team and I competed in a dragon boat race festival, to read about it clickΒ here. It is a smaller festival so even though we won gold in our division we didn’t get anything for it, well, except bragging rights lol

Our coach this evening after practice had us all gather around and surprised us with…

Front Side




Gold Medals!

Turns out this year the festival organizers decided to award medals to the winners but medals were awarded Sunday and my team competed Saturday so none of us were there for the medal ceremony. Lucky for us coach was there so she collected the medals on our behalf. None of us had any idea we were getting them so we were all super surprised and of course delighted when we got them tonight. It was like winning twice lol πŸ™‚

I have a video of the final race that one of my teammates uploaded to facebook and am trying to get to embed on here but not sure if it will work…

…aaaaand nope, it didn’t work. sigh. I’ll try again another night.

It was an odd practice tonight, we were all tired for some reason and paddling just seemed harder, ugh, I hate nights like that. πŸ˜› We have a makeup practice this coming Sunday because this past Tuesdays practice was cancelled. I won’t be able to make it to the Sunday practice because I will be at work, boo! There is only one more week until the biggest festival of our season, I can’t believe how fast this season has gone!


Doctors Visit

7 May

Sigh, spending any part of my day at the doctor’s office is not how I want to spend my time. I am very anti-doctor. Not for everyone, I don’t mean I shun Western medicine or anything, just that I personally don’t like doctors and would much rather let my body fix itself when it gets sick or injured. I have an immune system right? Might as well let it earn it’s keep! lol

Having said that I have been seeing a lot of doctors since January, ugh, I’m so done with this, and yet, I am not, sigh. Mentally I am done, physically I have to keep going. *rolls eyes* It’s annoying.

Last week I had an appointment with a specialist I am seeing in regards to my hip, if you want a refresher on that lovely little story clickΒ here.

As a result of that appointment I now have to go to physio, sigh, and get an MRI, double sigh. Then my normal family doc calls me, well her receptionist called me lol, to set up an appointment. I guess the specialist had sent over to her the results of the most recent tests he had sent me for so my family doc wanted me to come in so she could talk to me about it.

I saw the family doctor today, she told me what the test results were and what they mean, then she made a comment about what activities I do. Now, I tend to downplay what I have been up to with these doctors cause I don’t want to be told to not do something but I figured since the BMO Run was already over I might as well make a comment about it, not like she can tell me to not do something when it’s in the past right? πŸ˜‰ lol I mentioned I did the 8km run last Sunday and then went to compete in a dragon boat race and her reaction was “So you’re fit”. Um, what? Obviously from looking at me you can tell I am not fit, eesh. So I commented back something along the lines of “you’d think but doesn’t matter what I do I can’t lose this fat”.

That comment actually got her attention, the rest of the convo went something like this:

Doc: You haven’t lost any weight?

Me: Nope.

Doc: Not even from the run? You didn’t lose any weight from running? Or dragon boat racing?

Me: Nothing. Trust me, I’m trying.

Doc: Have I had your thyroid tested? (she looked at my file) I haven’t had it tested…I’m getting it tested. If you are this active and you aren’t losing any weight you might have a thyroid problem.

Me: Um, ok?

So here is where I am at. I try to shun doctors and all their tests. Buuuuuuut if this blood work shows something wrong with my thyroid she might prescribe some form of treatment or pills that will help fix the thyroid and have a happy result of me losing weight and how awesome would that be?? I am now wondering just how twisted I must be to be sorta hoping I have a thyroid problem…fairly twisted? Or just sorta twisted? Maybe just desperate…not that that sounds any better…

sick and twisted


Avocado and Egg and Bowling

23 Nov

Two days in a row I tried something new food wise, must be a record! lol πŸ˜›

I had the other half of the avocado from yesterday, anybody who knows avocados knows that half wouldn’t last very long, as in, not past today but I didn’t have anymore tuna so I had to find something else to try. Β I kept seeing recipes on my facebook news feed for baked avocado with egg so I googled and voila! a whole lotta recipes came up. Gotta love google!

mine looked fairly close to this

mine looked fairly close to this

Basically you cut an avocado in half, take out the pit, scoop a bit out of each side of the avocado (some sites recommend 2 tblsp of avocado get scooped, I just kinda eyeballed it), crack an egg into the hole, bake for 15-17 minutes at 425 degrees. The cooking time is also approximate, each recipe had slightly different times but all said keep an eye on it and bake until the white part is set. shrug. Seemed fairly easy.

Most of the recipes used a variety of seasoning, everything from salt and pepper to paprika, fresh chives etc. I don’t get that. Why people always feel the need to season food to taste like something else when it tastes really good as it is. Like veggies. People so often seem to drown their veggies in a sauce or seasonings and that confuses me, I like how veggies taste, I am perfectly happy to cook some veggies and eat them just like that, so they taste like how they naturally taste. Seems to be a “me” thing though, shrug. Anyways, I wondered if maybe this combo needed seasoning, maybe it wouldn’t be good without, so I put some pepper on it.

It tasted sooooo good! As long as you like eggs with runny yolks and avocado you will love this combo! πŸ˜€ I didn’t mind the pepper but to be honest I probably won’t use it if I get to make this again, I just don’t see the need, and neither do my taste buds lol

I had a side of turkey bacon with it. Being the carb lover I am a piece of toast would have gone greeeat with this meal but alas, no bread for me. sigh. It was still quite delish without it. πŸ™‚

I kinda messed up this evening though. Oh dear.

My dragon boat team was hosting a fundraiser this evening, know what this means? Food! Drinks! Temptation! I was so hoping I could come back home, log on here and boast about how I made it through the entire evening without eating but let’s get real here, this is me, and I ate. Ugh. I’m calling myself names right now so don’t feel the need to do that for me k? πŸ˜‰

I ate dinner before I went, I had a piece of tilapia on top of a salad, it was MmmMmm Good! lol I purposefully ate a nice big salad in the hopes it would get me through the evening. I almost made a protein shake to drink in the car on the way there to sorta top me up but that seemed like overkill. lol. Now I’m thinking I should have done that, hindsight is always 20/20 though, stupid hindsight, *glares*

I tracked the best I could tho! I counted everything I ate and didn’t touch sooooo much of the delish looking food, even though I really really wanted to. I totally caved with the nanaimo bars though, I have a weakness, *big epic sigh* Nanaimo bars are so good! But soooo bad for me! Almost 200 calories per piece! That’s ridiculous! Especially since it’s a small piece! If I was going to eat a square of nanaimo bar the least I could have done was eat one piece, not two but nooOOOooo not me, I had to have two *rolls eyes at self*.

I got home and added the food I ate at the fundraiser to my Lose It! app. There were a couple items that are approximated but I think fairly close, and just in case I estimated high. Luckily I bowled so I burned some calories there, yay!

I’m mad at myself for eating while at the fundraiser, I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, it was seeing everyone else eating and enjoying the food that made me want to eat. Like I had to eat to fit in or something…which is dumb cause it is my dragon boat team, I already have a place there, no need to try to fit in. I was feeling a bit apart from everything though, I mean, it was great to see everyone, and the fundraiser seemed to go well, people had fun, but I felt like I had to force myself to be social, push myself to seem like I was having as good a time as everyone else. Normally at dragon boat functions I just have fun, no pushing needed, but not this evening…I guess I’m still dealing with what happened last weekend?

By the time I got home I really wanted to eat! Not because I am hungry, but because, well, I want to. Which is stupid. If I wasn’t tracking my food, even though I had nibblies at the fundraiser I would have without second thought dived in to some sort of food. Cookies maybe, or some toast, Mmm bread!, chocolate perhaps, or a banana pudding…I don’t know what I would have eaten but I would have eaten something. Instead I made a cup of tea, sat down and started blogging while watching a movie on my tv. Ahh multi-tasking! lol I guess I should be proud of myself for not caving and eating something else when I’m not actually hungry but right now all I feel is deprived lol But what am I depriving myself of? Over indulging on un-healthy food I don’t need that will make me fatter? Why do I feel deprived about that?! That’s messed up my friends. Messed. Up.

Insanity: Day 4

18 Jul

Soooooo, I’m getting worse lol Not on purpose! πŸ˜›

I was up early-ish to meet a friend for breakfast, we went to a diner type place and I actually wanted some form of meat…I never want to eat meat! lol It’s not that I don’t like meat, I do, I just, shrug, I dunno, don’t make it a priority I guess?

The only problem with wanting meat at breakfast time is pretty much everywhere only serves pork products for breakfast, what’s with that?? I asked, and this place didn’t have any turkey (or any other animal) alternatives so there went my fantasy of eating some form of meat. I ended up ordering french toast, yeah I know right? Way to dive right off the deep end with the meal plan! lol *rolls eyes* It was super yummy (duh!) but a lot smaller then I expected and it left me feeling hungry, there were three pieces of bread (small pieces but whatever), I’ve never still been hungry after eating a diner/restaurant breakfast of french toast (or pancakes), I don’t know if I was still hungry because of the craving some form of meat thing or because the bread was smaller than what I am used to or what…

After breakfast I was meeting up with my lil sister, we did a quick errand (I bought a blender! yah! an on sale blender! super yah!) then hung out at a Tim Horton’s cause that is what she wanted to do. I went from bad to worse with my food for the day, I got an Iced Cap (made with milk, not cream) and…a donut *hangs head in shame* We stayed there for hours hanging out and catching up (she’s been on vacation so we haven’t seen each other in weeks). Right when we were leaving I decided to buy a chicken wrap thingy because I knew by the time I got home I would only have enough time to grab my dragon boat gear and rush to practice and I figured it was better to eat something that finally had some meat in it then power through practice on a donut lol

It was a great practice, we race this coming weekend so we worked on some race pieces and had some endurance training. πŸ™‚

After practice I rushed home cause I have a hundred an one things to do, a big thing I had to do was prep/cook food for tomorrow…oh yeah, and exercise!

You didn’t think I forgot to do my Insanity workout today did ya? Silly! πŸ˜›

Today was Cardio Recovery Day. I actually kinda liked it. πŸ™‚ Twisted huh? It was mostly stretching, yoga style. Think deep stretching, think kinda painful stretching lol There were a couple where I actually couldn’t hold the stretch for the full time cause my muscles were all “nuh-uh you crazed nutball!” lol Some of the stretches you had to really focus on your balance, I learned quickly to face away from the tv because if I am looking at the movement on the tv while trying to hold my balance on one foot I lose my balance super fast! lol πŸ˜› Also, some of the exercises you are basically folded in half so you can’t see the tv but then he says to move in some way and I don’t understand his explanation so I had to get out of the position to see what he was doing, it was annoying because then I missed out on some of the reps watching what he was doing then getting back in to position so I could try. This has been happening with every work out so far so I figure the more I get used to the program the fewer times this will happen, I hope!

I can normally do this stretch no problem...but not while watching the tv!

I can normally do this stretch no problem…but not while watching the tv!

The only food I ate today that is part of the meal plan was the Protein Pizza Muffin, it is basically one whole grain english muffin topped with 1/4 Cup tomato sauce, 1/4 Cup mozza cheese and 2 oz grilled chicken. I was supposed to eat it with a side of broccoli but I don’t have any and frankly, it is late and I didn’t want anymore food, shrug. I had a little under the 2 oz of chicken because I cooked my second to last chicken breast thinking it would be enough for my meal tonight and one of the meals I prepped for tomorrow but when I was part way through weighing out the diced pieces for the Pizza Muffin I realized it wouldn’t be big enough for both meals to have the correct amount. I figured, split it as close to even as I could eyeball and get a little under 2 oz chicken in each of the two meals. Better that than one meal getting the full amount and one getting nowhere near, right?

I figured out that it is waaaay easier if all (or most) of my food for the day is prepped and or cooked the day prior. If I had food already prepped for today then I would have been able to grab something that was part of the meal plan when I ran home to get my dragon boat gear instead of buying a turkey wrap thing that I had no control over the contents of. With that in mind, I have made 2 of my five meals for tomorrow, and have items for two others (meals I will be eating at home) beside each other and ready to be used. Tomorrow is going to be a super busy rushed day so hopefully this prep work pays off! *crosses fingers* πŸ™‚

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