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Nutella Brownies

7 Nov

If you don’t like Nutella (1) are you sick? and (2) this post probably won’t interest you all that much lol

I saw a recipe for Nutella Brownies and reeeeally wanted to try them. Luckily this was prior to Halloween and I had a Halloween party to go to which gave me the perfect excuse to do some baking! 🙂

The original recipe called for:

1 1/4 Cups Nutella

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Flour

Combine all three in to a bowl, mix, pour the batter in to a pan and bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Here is the video…

When I made the first batch I followed the recipe exactly but once it was all mixed together I didn’t like the consistency of the batter. I chose to trust in the recipe and poured it in to the pan anyways and yeah, no, that didn’t work. Even though I used a square brownie pan there was barely enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan, not cool! So I measured out the remaining Nutella, added an egg to it and mixed in flour until I felt the batter looked right, then I added it to the pre-existing batter that was in the pan. I put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees but since I had almost doubled the batter size it needed more time so I put it back in but kept a close eye on it, if I remember correctly it took about 25 minutes total.

The result looked like this…

2015-10-29 22.23.54

Granted, not the most photogenic brownies in existence but damn tasty! This batch was my “tester” batch, I took them to work because my work friends are basically my guinea pigs for my baking lol They don’t reeeeally seem to mind all that much lol 😛

The brownie is rich, gooey and basically delicious. 😀

I made a fresh batch the following day for the party, that time I used an entire jar of Nutella, three eggs and I put flour in until I liked the consistency of the batter. Which horrifies me a little bit because I always get on my mother’s case about using measurements when cooking / baking because I’ll ask her for a recipe and she’ll tell me “put such-n-such in until it looks right” and omg I don’t know how it will look when it looks right! Course, she got it worse, her mom-in-law was telling her a recipe for baking bread and not even kidding, part of her instructions went along the line of “when I use the red bowl I put flour in up to here…” ok sure, I am paraphrasing and may have the bowl colour wrong but you get the idea. Craziness. The world is full of craziness!

So yeah, the point to that tangent is I can’t give you an exact measurement for the flour, I think I used 1/2 Cup to 3/4 Cup of flour but I really don’t know. I just put some in a one Cup measure and poured it in the bowl, mixed, added a little more, mixed, added a little more, mixed, until I thought it looked right, shrug. Just think about what brownie batter should look like and add flour until you get to that.

The baking temp and time stayed the same, 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Stick a tester in the middle at the 25 minute mark and if it comes out mostly clean than you are good to go! …I say mostly clean because mine had a teeny bit of brownie stick to the tester but since the brownies were going to cool in the pan I knew the batter would keep baking for a bit even after being removed from the oven so I was ok with it being a little extra gooey in the middle when I took it out of the oven because by the time they had cooled enough to be cut they would have finished baking.

Oh the wonders of the kitchen! 😉

One thing that I didn’t like was that both batches had slightly over cooked edges. When I cut them for packaging I cut off the outside edges so nobody would get a non-gooey piece. Not wanting to offend the baking gods by wasting brownie I broke up the left over pieces, put them in a bowl, warmed them up, topped with vanilla ice cream and had the most decadent dinner. Oh my god so good! Oh so bad for me but oh so good for my taste buds and really, isn’t life about balance?

Nutella & Go

8 Nov

Sometimes it’s the little things that make ya smile. 🙂

I was grocery shopping after work this evening and came across these little gems…



Yes I bought four, try not to judge me too loudly k? 😛

I loooooove Nutella but I never buy it because hello? Having an entire jar of the stuff in my kitchen cupboard is one thing and one thing only…dangerous! But these, these are the perfect size! Just the right amount of Nutella to placate a chocolate craving but not so much you feel overly sugared. 🙂

My excuse er, reason, for buying four of these little gems is because they were on sale. They are new, and new stuff always goes on sale, yay! I figured I might as well buy multiples of them now before they are priced at whatever their real price will be and I feel they cost too much lol It’ll be the whole Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich fiasco all over again! Man, those suckers were on sale for the longest time then boom! put up to their full price and they instantly became something I wouldn’t buy cause of being too costly.

Yes, I know I am cheap, try not to judge me too loudly for that either, k? 😉

Slightly Distracted

12 Jul

I was all ready to start writing a post yesterday when my roomie came in to the living room, sat down and told me she is moving out. sigh.

When I asked her why – in a whiny complainy type of voice, she said she can’t afford rent anymore so she has to leave. She is from AB and has no family here, same as me, so where I wondered (out loud and to her face) is she going to go that is even less expensive rent wise then where we are? Turns out she has a friend from school who has rich parents, the parents are going on a 2 month long trip so my roomie’s friend is going to move in to the main part of the house and my roomie is going to move in to the fully furnished rental suite her friend has been living in…rent free! Nice, huh?

I wish I had a friend who had rich parents and were ok with letting me freeload for a couple months…altho what she will do when they come back from their trip is beyond me, shrug.

So now I have to start two searches, the first is for a new roommate the second is for an apartment I can afford on my own (highly unlikely) in case I can’t find a new roommate. Arg. Annoying!

As soon as she left the living room I paused my movie (I was in the process of a Harry Potter marathon in preperation for the new and last movie in the series being released this week 😀 ) and posted an ad to Facebook Marketplace for a roommate and then I proceeded to search the FB Marketplace for apartments for rent, I also started searching craigslist and kijiji, always fun *rolls eyes*

Oh how I wish I could afford to live on my own so that I don’t go through this every frickin time a roommate moves out, double sigh.

I am proud to say though that this wonderous added stress to my life has not affected my eating at all, I didn’t splurge on high calorie food after she told me this and I have obeyed my points today. Yah! I didn’t get to exercise today, cause I had to be up and out earlier then normal and by the time I got home it was almost 8pm and I’d only eaten 8 points by that point so no way in hell was I going hiking when I was soooooo hungry and by the time I was done eating it was dark and I can’t walk the path when it’s dark cause the moonlight doesn’t get through to the path so I can’t see where I am going…and frankly, it belongs more to the coyotes once the sun has gone down then to us silly 2 legged creatures. lol. and wow that was a really long run on sentence, eesh. Everyone take a breath now. lol. 🙂

So now it is almost 10pm and I still have 4.5 points left, I love when that happens! I am gonna make toast and put nutella on it, Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!, that will use 2 points so after that I will probably eat some fruit, hmm, now that I think about it I will for sure eat some fruit, I have cherries and a couple peaches so I have the yummy fruit not the boring stuff. 😛

Quick Post!

11 May

omg I’m so freakin tired! I think it’s the weather…and my lack of good sleep for oh, almost a week now…sadness. It doesn’t matter what position I am in I am either putting pressure on my hurt elbow or my hurt knee…or both, and everytime it happens I wake up and get to experience the pain, nice huh?

So today after work I rushed home so I could bake cookies for a lady at work who is buying them from me – crazy huh?! I mean yeah, I bake, and often, but I don’t sell it, I bake cause I love to bake and I share it cause I don’t want to eat it lol. She refuses to take the cookies (even though she requested them) unless I take money from her *rolls eyes*.

I got the cookies done and realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, wasn’t really hungry due to a late and large lunch so I had some cheese and crackers then ended up napping on the couch while the tv blared away lol. When I woke up I was freezing and not really hungry but groggy and feeling all low blood sugary so I figured I should eat something.  I made some toast, yum, and of course my standard cup of tea…I then ate a spoonful of nutella, sigh, and an unknown amount of the cookies that were sitting on the cooling racks, double sigh, oh, and I put light peanut butter and nutella on the toast, triple sigh.

Not the best food choices!

I blame it on being freakishly tired and well…that’s it. I know when you are tired you crave carbs and other quick energy fixes and apparently I was just that tired.

I know I should regret what I ate, I was just grabbing and eating but really, I’m still tired enough to not care. lol. I’ll probably care more tomorrow…

Today I ate:

1 pear = 1 point

1 apple = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points


   – miso soup = 1 point

    – philly roll = ?

    – yam roll = ?

10 triscuit crackers = 2 points

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

2 pieces bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls light peanut butter = 1 point

1/2 tbls nutella = 1 point

spoonful of nutella = 2 points (approx)

random unknown amount of cocount cookies = ??

Total points eaten = uh, I dunno…lol

I know I can calculate the sushi points, at least get an approximation, but I’m too tired for that right now and I can’t remember how many of the cookies I ate…I have it written down how many points the cookies are (on a different copy of the recipe then what I used this evening) so I’ll be able to approximate for those…if I remember correctly they are 2 points each and I think I ate a  whopping 4, eesh, so 8 points right there, quadruple sigh? lol Most definitely went in to flex points today…*rolls eyes*

Here’s hoping I am more awake tomorrow and don’t succumb to my food cravings…but oh man, that nutella and the cookies? Way yum! lol. 😛

Carbs and Chocolate

18 Mar

All I have wanted this entire week is carbs and chocolate – and lemme tell ya, it’s been hard to resist the wanting…most of the time I haven’t resisted, I caved…no, not just caved, I jumped off the diving board marked willpower and cannon balled into a pool of liquid chocolate that had bread pieces for dipping. YUM! 😀 lol

I keep dipping a spoon in to my jar of Nutella and not writing it down in my tracker – after all, a little spoonful of Nutella doesn’t count right? HA! Maybe not that first spoonful but the multiple spoonfuls since then sure do add up! 😛

Part of me feels badly about my eating this week, I’ve been eating all kinds of bad-for-me foods and I am definitely scared for weigh in day tomorrow – oh man, that scale is gonna show such a not good number, I can feel it! Even though I feel a bit bad I don’t feel as crappy as one would expect – I think it’s cause it’s been such a shitty week and those various foods I ate are the only things that kept me sane.

What can I say – certain foods are classified “comfort foods” for a reason.

Monday: crap news at work about work – I had a personal sized pizza and dessert bread sticks for dinner.

Thursday: guy at work made a comment that made me feel  like I weigh 1000 lbs, I drank a small milkshake and over the course of the day ate 5 pancakes, 3 of which had nutella spread on them.

I baked cookies last Sunday and ate some everyday until they were completely gone, I believe the last day they were around was Tuesday – so that’s 3 days of eating cookies.

Friday (today): ate over my points deliberately cause I neeeeeded chocolate and couldn’t find a way to not eat it (admittedly, I didn’t try very hard to find a way to not eat it…hormones ya know?)

So, hmm, looking back, bad week? Yes! As bad as I feel it was? Oddly enough, No. Go fig. I thought I overate everyday and it looks like I didn’t, which is good, but the pizza and dessert breadsticks put me so far in to my flex points on Monday that really, I should have been uber careful the rest of the week to ensure I didn’t use all my flex points for the week. But yeah, I didn’t. Instead I was ruled by hormones and emotions and ate my feelings…

I used to do that a lot more often, eat my feelings I mean. If a day was good -celebrate with food. If a day was bad – make myself feel better with food. No matter what happened in a day I could find some “reason” to over eat or eat something that was really bad for me (usually fast food, oh how I miss McD’s lol) I have been trying to stop doing that but some days (weeks) I totally fall back in to the habit.

Also, I find if I have a day where I cave and eat something I shouldn’t (say, a cookie or pancakes with nutella on them) then the next day it’s even harder to not eat something on par with that treat. Like, I did it yesterday and didn’t combust so why can’t I eat it again today? I know in my head why I can’t treat myself like that everyday – long term I’d gain all my weight back, but in the moment it can be really hard to remember that.

So yeah, the week has sucked – on a personal front, a work front and a food front. 😦 Luckily, the week is over and I am fully expecting next week to be better – not cause I have some inside knowledge about next week, I am expecting it to be better because well, cause I say it will be! lol So there! 🙂

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